baby-sitting attempt

So last week a friend asks me to baby sit her two boys so she can run in and out of town in 24 hours!

My first thought was….okay, i am finally going to make history changing a diaper…yelz? dont look at me like that! i have never changed a diaper before.

So i say a little prayer, Lord, you must be trying to teach me mothering 101 – maybe the days are indeed getting closer.

i agree and take instructions on what to do on the day.
i first of all arrive late,( thanks to Lagos traffic) and pick my boys from the neighbor’s.

Mom had carefully laid out the uniforms, dinner packs, night wears and packed bags for school next day. Kool! No stress.

The afternoon is hot and after watching cartoons for what seems like forever, i ask,

‘ Sean (not real name), wont you sleep? he replies, ‘no aunty, i am watching the television.’

I practically beg him to sleep over and over again, no budging. A little fight ensues over riding a bike…i separate.

We eat snacks and drink juice,we play, we play, we play…all the while keeping eyes that nothing is broken.
In my mind, i am thinking…..both of you will soon be tired and will surely sleep, no worries.

But i was wrong. i dozed off a million times myself and each time i woke up, his eyes were on the television.

‘Sean, what of your homework?

The younger rushes off to bring his bag to show me, mommy had already helped with that before leaving for the airport. Cool.

Evening draws near and the younger one finally wants to sleep, i’m torn between not allowing him, cos i am thinking, if you sleep at 6pm when will you wake up and sleep at night again!? I decide to allow him sleep all the same.

Nepa finally strikes and my television man says to me
‘Aunty Ifreke, mommy says you should put on the generator’…i reply, ‘mommy says you should sleep’, did you ping her?

Off to the bathroom for a bath, dinner and getting ready for bed.

Wake the younger up for a bath and dinner, beg him to sleep again..takes about another hours..(if it were me, i would’nt sleep sef).
We finally sleep at about 10.30pm thanks to rechargeable fan as NEPA refused to restore power.

Morning comes, mommy says we should sleep till 6.45am. i rise earlier to take my own shower.
We brush, bath, dress up ( and i am sweating bc nepa has still not returned light) , run down, boil water, make cereal, and we are ready for school at 7.30am.

…and yes, i changed the diaper twice, but they were’nt soiled. still not made history!

I say to myself, this is a full-time job!
I doff my hat for all the beautiful stay-at-home mommys and those who work 8 to 5, cook, shop, go to the barbers’ or salon to make/cut kid’s hair… take care of kids without any house-help, take care of their beautiful selves, and still service ‘oga at the top’ at the end of most days! una too much!!